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8 Ways That Using Osmolality Testing Improves

Cell & Gene Therapy Process Development and Manufacturing

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Advanced Instruments

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June 4th
10:00 am EDT

Topic Summary and Key Questions to be Answered

In gene and cell therapy, manufacturing capacity, production yields, and supply chain logistics continue to be an area of focus. The increased need for robust process control strategies requires a broad and versatile toolset. With yields as low as 20% for viral vector production, drug developers have to overcome the obstacles of poor process performance. Raw materials must undergo stringent qualification and process characterization is critical to optimize the product yield; this is accomplished with process parameters that can establish control through a workflow.

Osmolality is a measure of solute concentration and an indication of the solution’s osmotic pressure (USP, EP). It provides the concentration of any solution and has several potential applications within cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing.

Here we cover 8 unique use cases for osmolality testing throughout the workflow while addressing questions such as:

What role does osmolality play in viral vector stability?

How is osmolality testing used in viral vector UF/DF?

What are some use cases for osmolality in cell culture monitoring & QC?

How does osmolality keep cells stable during cryopreservation?


About Kristeena Wright, Ph.D

Kristeena is an Applications Scientist at Advanced Instruments. A data-driven scientist with a background in drug manufacturing support and molecular biology, Kristeena is a motivated researcher and spokesperson for scientific advancements, as shown by multiple presentations and collaborations with other subject matter experts.

Kristeena holds a Ph.D (Biomedical Sciences) from Marshall University and a B.S. (Biomedical Engineering) from Duke University.

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About Advanced Instruments

At Advanced Instruments, we believe that quality and productivity go hand-in-hand and have built a family of products and services to help biologics manufacturers and process developers ensure the yield, purity, and consistency of biopharmaceutical products through osmolality testing.

Whether you need to maintain optimal cell growth, ensure active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) purity and yield, or confirm quality during fill and finishing, we offer an advanced osmometer that will keep your processes productive and on track, saving time and reducing costly re-work.

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June 4th
10:00 am EDT